Shaina Lu is a Taiwanese-American human interested in the intersection of art, education, and activism. She works with children in Boston Chinatown. 

Her art interests are: community storytelling, queer femininity, and racial justice.

She drinks juice every day, and she is full of sugar.


Artist, The Fisher and the Jeweler, Shout Out, TO Comix Press, projected 2019.
Artist, Unwanted, Heartwood, Power & Magic Press, 2018.
Artist, Dratneigh’s Dumplings, Planetside, 2018.
Artist, Between Worlds, Lilies Vol VI: Corpse Lily, 2018.
Illustrator, Dinnertime! 2012.
Illustrator, The Painted Tea Set, YouthInkwell Publishing, 2007.
Author & Illustrator, Puppets, YouthInkwell Publishing, 2007.

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