What is #ReclaimSafety?

In summer 2016, NAPAWF Boston launched #ReclaimSafety to engage our community about what safety means to us as Asians and as queer and trans Asians. #ReclaimSafety was one of local actions organized nationwide against racial profiling & surveillance, Islamophobia, and deportation in South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Muslim communities and beyond. #ReclaimSafety is a public art project, wherein community members folded paper napkins into flowers, and wrote their visions of safety onto the leaves. These leaves and flowers were combined into a collective piece of art and hung around the Boston Common.

In response to the recent election of Trump as the next U.S. president, NAPAWF Boston brought #ReclaimSafety back to center through a public art project in which we hung hundreds of community-made flowers and leaves with stories in front of the Massachusetts State House during the Trans and Queer Liberation Rally.

Join us, by making your own flower and writing your own vision for safety.  Upload it to social media with #ReclaimSafety.

Instructions to make your own flower, created by Xau Ying Ly.

Join us by folding your own napkin flower, writing your vision for safety, and uploading it with the hashtag "ReclaimSafety." Follow on Facebook here!

At the State House at the 2017  Trans and Queer Liberation Rally + March .

At the State House at the 2017 Trans and Queer Liberation Rally + March.